As part of our recruitment process we use, interpret and report physiological tests and assessments.

We are certified in using all Masters test and assessment tools concerning selection and recruitment – primarily MPA and ACE.


Master Person Analysis gives a quick evaluation of the candidate – i.e. the expected behavior in relation to the job and in relation to the cooperation with other people.
MPA helps answering questions such as: What are the strengths and challenges of the candidate?
Which behavior can be expected? How is the managerial level/potential of the candidate?


Adjustable Competence Evaluation gives a cognitive evaluation and a comparison of the candidates’ maximal performance level and of any future potential.
Furthermore, the ACE reveals the ability of the candidate to gain new knowledge – and the ability logically to make the right decisions.
Finally, the ACE shows how quickly a candidate can understand and create an overview of a complex context or of any new material.

Every material is handled confidentially and will not be passed on to third party without previous acceptance.